Horse Racing in India: Win Bets in Indian Horse Race

According to one version, it was on the racing circuit of Great Britain that bookmakers and sports betting were born. Previously, it was only possible to bet on the winner of Indian horse races by personally attending the race at the racecourse.

Thanks to the development of technology, equestrian fans now have the opportunity to watch the most prestigious competitions such as thoroughbred horse racing without leaving home, to bet on any horse race in India today, and to be the first to know about Indian horse racing results. As horse racing becomes more popular, the Parimatch platform offers access to a wide range of Indian horse racing bets and odds to help you find the best one for you.

Place your bets and watch horse races live.

Parimatch’s sports betting platform offers its customers the most convenient and comfortable user experience. That is why at Parimatch you can not only place bets on your favorite horses before the match or live, but watch the live video of the horse race.

For your convenience, you can always enable horse racing live streaming for all horse races available on the Parimatch platform to get the most out of the betting process. Place your bets, watch the horse racing video, and win big with Parimatch!

Don’t miss the upcoming horse race!

Parimatch, the sports betting platform, ensures that all players get the most comfortable gaming experience, so on our official website and iOS and Android mobile apps, you can find complete information about upcoming horse races available in India so that you can easily place bets. Upcoming horse racing, today’s Indian horse racing schedule, and today’s horse racing map are available for your help. Next, we will take a closer look at each of the points.

Horse racing competitions

Indian horse racing matches are available on the Parimatch platform, allowing you to bet on horse racing with maximum comfort. Horse races take place every day, which means that after developing your own winning strategy, you can organise a stable way of training using this type of bet. At the same time, we strongly recommend that you study all the participants so that your choice is not hasty and you can minimise the risks of losses.

Indian horse racing schedule

Also for your comfort, Indian horse race schedule is always available on Parimatch sports betting platform. This way, you can see in advance which horses are running on a certain day. If you click on the horse racing schedule for 2022, you will see every upcoming horse race in India with the exact start time of the races.

If you click on a specific race, you will also see the names of all the mares and stallions participating in the race, as well as the probability of their victory. Using today’s horse racing schedule, you can also find out the date and time of the race, as well as horse names and odds. And you can learn more detailed information about the horse from the horse racing card, which we will talk about later.

Indian horse race card

To find accurate information about a particular horse participating in a horse race today, there is a horse racing map on the Parimatch platform where all the necessary information about the thoroughbreds and trainers is indicated.

Thanks to the Parimatch Indian Horse Race card and today’s Indian Horse Race tips, you can study the horses and decide which one to bet on. The horse racing card contains information such as the age of the horse, breed, color, trainer of the horse, whether there are foreign horses, as well as accurate information about the trainer, breeder and form of the horse.

Horse racing opportunities at Parimatch

Horse racing odds are numbers that express the probability of a particular horse winning and tell the player what their potential winnings are.

On the Parimatch sports betting platform, you can choose from six available bet types. Below, we take a closer look at these types of bets:

  • European opportunities

European odds are the decimal fraction by which the bet is multiplied to determine the payout.

For example, if a team wins at odds of 1.95 and the bet is INR 100, The payment amount is 195 INR, and the net profit is 95 INR.

  • British opportunities

Fractional (or British) odds reflect the ratio of winnings to bets.

For example, a ratio of 3/5 means that you need to wager 5 INR to make a profit of 3 INR.

To convert the British coefficient to the European one, you need to divide the numerator by the denominator and add one.

Example: 3/5 + 1 = 1.6

  • American opportunities

For example, a rate of -135 indicates that you need to wager 135 INR to make a profit of 100 INR.

“Plus” shows the profit the player receives with a bet of 100 INR.

For example, with a rate of +165, the player bets 100 INR and gets a 165 net profit, where the payout is 265 INR.

  • Opportunities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong odds are a decimal fraction that represent the share of winnings per unit of the bet.

Example: A quote of 0.8 means that on a bet of 10 INR, the net profit will be 8 INR.

  • Indonesian opportunities

The Indonesian odds are the US odds divided by 100. The US odds of -125 are equivalent to the Indonesian odds of -1.25. Similarly, the probability of even 1.0 corresponds to the European value of 2. The conversion is done according to the following formulas:

1 + 1 / Indonesian odds – if they are Indonesian odds with a “-” sign;
2.00—if Indonesian odds are equal to “even”;
1 + Indonesian odds—if they are Indonesian—rate with a “+” sign.

  • Malaysian opportunities

Malaysian odds have a minus and plus value. Minus means the stake is less than the net income, while plus means the profit is less than the stake.

For example, the quote of -0.5 means that with a bet of 0.5 INR, a net profit of 1 INR will be received. The +0.75 odds indicate that a bet of 1 INR will result in a profit of 0.75 INR.

Even odds, or odds of 1.00, mean that the winning amount is equal to the bet amount. This coefficient is equal to the European value of 2.

Only European or decimal odds are available for horse racing bets on the Parimatch platform. European odds are considered the easiest to understand, which is why we use this particular type of Indian horse racing odds.

Now that you know what types of odds are available on the Parimatch sports betting platform, you can choose the horse racing odds that are most convenient for you today.

Indian horse racing tips

If you’re one of those people who takes horse racing seriously, a losing streak can be devastating. However, to avoid this, there are strategies you can follow. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gambler, you can find some Indian horse racing tips and use them on your next horse racing bet on the Parimatch platform.

1. Learn about the rider experience.

The first Indian horse racing tip today is that studying riders is just as necessary as studying horses. There is a lot to discover when it comes to jockeys. The first and most important factor is their experience.

You have to discern whether the rider is fairly new or has been in the horse racing business for a long time. Also look at their record, how often they win, and the circumstances of those wins. Then see if the race they are currently participating in is their first after a long break or their regular race. And then finally, you should see how the rider is doing today with his horse in the horse race in India. If the jockey has never ridden this horse before, problems can arise.

2. Vary your bets

When betting on horse racing, you need to be realistic in your bets. If we say realistically you should vary your bets, not just bet once and hope you win big. It’s just wishful thinking. However, if you want great returns, one way to do it is to vary your bets and take every opportunity you see.

One way to do this is by betting on several horses at once, or, rather, by betting on a trifecta or superfecta. These types of bets are simple, you just have to bet on several horses at once, and if they win or are in the places where you placed them, you win the bet.

Of course, this doesn’t have to happen in one race. Analyze the horse racing schedule, place your bets on every horse race in India and only the thoroughbreds you have confidence in.

3. Place bets on recent winners.

The last of today’s Indian horse racing tips is a bet on recent winners, which is one of the most common and  most profitable strategies. However, horses and riders who have recently been successful on a racetrack are almost always good bets to place during races. This is why you need to analyse guide forms, as they usually contain horse records. These horses are probably the main contenders in the race, and they are the best bets you can make.

Popular horse racing strategies

There are a great many strategies, most of which are related to gambling, as the financial aspect has been studied for a long time and remains almost unchanged for betting regardless of the sport. In fact, when betting on horse racing, you should stick to conservative bankroll management—betting on high odds can change the variance and lead to quick bankruptcy. Let’s take a look at the most popular strategies.

1. Favorite bets

In its pure form, this line of conduct makes little sense. Otherwise, the players would follow the opinion expressed in the bookmakers’ horse racing odds and would always be in the black. We can talk about competent selection, selecting those leaders who have good indicators for the season, have more rest than competitors, did not change trainers before the race, etc. This type of strategy can even be used in the game within the Indian horse race live streaming.

2. Betting against favourites

This is not even a strategy, but a whole direction in horse racing betting. Essentially, the gambler selects overvalued favourites and places a “counter” bet. In order to limit financial risks, it is not advisable to take on too many obligations in this way.

3. Tracking the money

This is one of the most interesting and efficient horse racing tips in India. Designed for long-term use, you must be patient and strictly observe financial discipline. The bottom line is betting on notorious outsiders, whose odds begin to plummet on race day. Hence the name “follow the money.”

On the day of the race, we look at the thoroughbreds that are of interest to us. For example, a few hours before the start, we see the change in the early odds from 11.00 to 4.00. Two important nuances: the favourite quotes should mark time and have an outsider form to generate optimism. The first indicates that there are no significant cash injections into the opinion leader, and the second means that the underdog is not hopeless. For example, he did not win, but there is progress in some places.

To reduce the variance, there is a variant of “follow the money” when we do not bet on a pure win of the “dark horse” but use the “each-way” type of bet (win or win the prizes).

The Achilles heel of this tactic is again the variance swing – it is unknown how long it will take to wait for a successful arrival and whether the bank will stay at that point.


We have covered the most important aspects of horse race betting. By adhering to it, you can channel your zeal and desire for profit. Subsequently, anyone can become a professional in this kind of sports betting and work exclusively according to their own methods while receiving a constant income. And the ideal place for horse racing betting would be the sports betting platform Partmatch, and here’s why:

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